After installing the KN-SDExplorer it is integrated in the behaviour of USB removable disks (USB sticks, hard disk, SD-Cardreaders, etc.). So if your card reader is connected to the PC and you insert an SD-Card into the reader, the usual pop-up dialog box comes up asking you what to do with the SD-Card. Exploring it with KN7000 SDExplorer is added as option and set to default when it is recognized as a Technics Keyboard SD Card, containing songs.

The KN-SDExplorer tool can also be started from the Windows Start menu. Also a desktop shortcut is created to start the tool.

When you click with the right mouse button on one of the directories KN7000, TECHNICS, PRIVATE or SD-Card1 (my example) you get the menu as shown above.


Renaming folders and songs is as easy as renaming folders and files in Windows Explorer

You can move multiple songs with drag and drop, like in Explorer. In the example the sequences songs in folders KN2600 Customs moved into a newly created folder "Sequences1".

The result is:
from the 8 songs 3 are left in folder 4 (KN2600 Customs) and the 5 moved songs are in folder 5 (Sequences1)
A songs is called "sequence" when the songs contains a sequencer file.

Also the files of a song from Explorer (e.g. diskette) can be imported as song in SD Explorer.

Clicking with right mouse button on an sdb file gives you the possibility to restore this sdb-file to hard disk or SD-Card.

In the same way as restore, also an SD tree can be backed up via the menu.